This Rotten Week: Predicting Toy Story 4, Anna, Wild Rose, And Child’s Play Reviews

10 minutes ago We’ve got a week packed with movies this time around, ...View More

Zack Snyder Has Revealed His Vision For Young Darkseid

At this point I imagine some of you may be confused by the mention of Uxas and how it relates to Dar ...View More

Russo Brothers Just Got Anthony Mackie This Cool Captain America Action Figure

6 hours ago Anthony Mackie has yet to play Captain America on the big screen, but ...View More

Surprise? The New Shaft Is Getting Very High Scores From Fans

4 hours ago After almost 20 years away from the big screen, Shaft is back -- and  ...View More

Keanu Reeves Reacts To 2019's Obsession With Keanu Reeves

7 hours ago The Keanussance is here and what a time it is to be alive! How crazy  ...View More

Dark Phoenix Had The Biggest Second Week Drop Of Any Superhero Movie

7 hours ago Dark Phoenix just had the lowest second week drop of any superhero mo ...View More

Why Ronan The Accuser Didn’t Appear Earlier In Captain Marvel, According To The Directors

2 hours ago As far as MCU villains go, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Ronan the Accuse ...View More

Dark Phoenix Director Simon Kinberg Takes Responsibility For The X-Men Movie Bombing

3 hours ago Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you know th ...View More

Blumhouse Is Remaking Black Christmas

3 hours ago In the past year, many classic horror projects, such as IT, Suspiria ...View More

All The Batman Villains Rumored To Show Up In Matt Reeves' DC Movie

59 minutes ago One of the reasons Batman is still popular  ...View More

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